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Sugar and Spice

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
S5C09071Sucre Grain (Large Sugar Granules)22 LB. BAG
S5C09076Sucraneige Bakeproof Powder Sugar22 LB. BAG
S5C15020Organic Agave Light Nectar4/11# CASE
S5S50001Coleman's Brand Dry Mustard16 OZ. EACH
S5S50009Green Peppercorns (Madagascar)Drained Wg8.75 OZ CAN
S5S50010Green Peppercorns(Madagascar)Drained Wgt24/8.75 CASE
S5S50014Javin Blend Curry Powder1 LB. EACH
S5S50015Pink Peppercorns8 OZ. EACH
S5S50016Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder1 LB. EACH
S5S50017Whole Black Peppercorns16 OZ. EACH
S5S50018Pure Spanish Thread Saffron (210 points)1 OZ. EACH
S5S50019Whole Dried Green Peppercorns8 OZ. EACH
S5S50020White Whole Peppercorns20 OZ. EACH
S5S50021Herbs De provence (Mixed Spices)2.2 LB EACH
S5S50022Tarragon Leaves in Vinegar(Drained Wgt.)12/12 CASE
S5S50023GREEN Crystal Sanding Sugar10 LB. EACH
S5S50024RED Crystal Sanding Sugar10 LB. EACH
S5S50025Turbenado Natural Brown Sugar2 LB. BAG
S5S50026Juniper Berries11 OZ. JAR
S5S50027Sea Salt (Fine Grain )24/26Z CASE
S5S50028Turbenado Natural Brown Sugar (ITALY)12/2LB CASE
S5S50029Cream of Tartar30 OZ. JAR
S5S50030Yellow or Blue Crystal Sanding Sugar10 LB. CASE
S5S50031Perruche Natural Brown Sugar Cubes8/35 Z CASE
S5S50038Bulk Pack Sea Salt30 LB. TUB
S5S50039Black Sesame Seeds ( Thailand)20 OZ. JAR
S5S50040Demitasse White Crystal Sugar Stick1/100 EACH
S5S50041Demitasse White Crystal Sugar Stick4/100 CASE
S5S50044Indv.Wrap Sugar Stick AMBER Crystal100 CT BOX
S5S50045Lavender Flowers2 LB. BOX
S5S50046Perruche White Sugar Cubes8/35 Z CASE
S5S50047White Sanding Sugar25 LB. CASE
S5S50048Pink Sanding Sugar25 LB. CASE
S5V10068Harissa Seasoning12/14 OZ. CASE

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