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Cacao Barry Chocolate

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
B2C09046NOEL Cocoa Butter Chips3 LB BAG
B2C10005Barry Mi-Amere Semi Sweet Couveture5.5 LB SLAB
B2C10006Barry Mi-Amere Semi Sweet Couveture /55 LB. CASE
B2C10013Barry Pure White Chocolate"Blanc"/5.5 LB SLAB
B2C10014Barry Pure White Chocolate"Blanc"/55 LB. CASE
B2C10017Barry Glandujas Pure Choc.w/hazelnt/5.5 LB SLAB
B2C10018Barry Glandujas Pure Choc.w/Hazelnt/55 LB. CASE
B2C10019Barry Grand Caraque Pure Choc.Liq.5.5 LB SLAB
B2C10020Barry Grand Caraque Pure Choc.Liq.55 LB. CASE
B2C10021Barry Prima Chocolate Coating/11 LB. SLAB
B2C10022Barry Prima Chocolate Coating /55 LB. CASE
B2C10023Barry P.A.G.Chocolate Coating"Brune"/5 KILO TUB
B2C10024Barry P.A.G.Chocolate Coating"Brune"/4/5 KG CASE
B2C10025Barry P.A.G. White Coating "Ivorie"4/5 KG CASE
B2C10026Barry P.A.G. White Coating "Ivorie"5 KILO TUB
B2C10027Barry P.A.G.Milk Choc.Coating"blonde"5 KILO TUB
B2C10028Barry P.A.G.Milk Choc.Coating"Blonde"4/5 KG CASE
B2C10031Barry P.A.G.Hazelnut Coat."Noisette"/5 KILO TUB
B2C10032Barry P.A.G.Hazelnut Coat"Noisette"4/5 KG CASE
B2C10033Barry Chocolate Batons(Choc Sticks3.4 LB BOX
B2C10034Barry Chocolate Batons(Choc.Sticks)51 LB. CASE
B2C10035Barry Milk Chocolate w/orange (Lactee/o5.5 LB SLAB
B2C10036Barry Milk Chocolate w/Orange (Lactee/or55 LB. CASE
B2C10037Barry Concorde Lenotre Bittersweet PISTOLES5 KILO EACH
B2C10038Barry Concorde Lenotre Bittersweet PISTOLES4/5 KG CASE
B2C10040Barry/VL Pure Chocolate Drops 1,000 count22 LB. CASE
B2C10042Barry/VL Pure Chocolate Drops 4,000 count22 LB. CASE
B2C10044Barry Pure Chocolate Coffee Beans2.2 LB EACH
B2C10045Barry White Satin Blanc Pistoles11 LB. EACH
B2C10046Barry White Satin (Blanc) Pistoles44 LB. CASE
B2C10047Barry Guayaquil Bittersweet Pistoles44 LB. CASE
B2C10048Barry Guayaquil Bittersweet Pistoles11 LB. EACH
B2C10049BARRY Ultimate dark semi-sweet chocolate chunks30 LB. CASE
B2C10050Barry Cafe Pailletes1 KILO EACH
B2C10051Barry Vermicelli (White)10 KL CASE
B2C10052Barry Chocolate POWDER (Plein Arome)6/KILO CASE
B2C10053Barry Cocoa Extra 26% Butter Fat13.3LB CASE
B2C10054Barry Cocoa Extra 26% Butter Fat1 KILO EACH
B2C10055Barry Chocolate Vermicelli - Dark1 KILO EACH
B2C10056Barry Pure Chocolate Drops (10,000 )50 LB. CASE
B2C10057Barry Vermicelli (Dark)10 KG CASE
B2C10058Barry Chocolate Pailletes10 KG CASE
B2C10059Barry Chocolate Pailletes1 KILO EACH
B2C10060Barry Chocolate Vermicelli - White1 KILO BAG
B2C10061Barry Pate Noisette 100% Hazelnut5 KILO TUB
B2C10062Barry Mi-Amere Pistoles(Wafers)11 LB. EACH
B2C10063Barry Mi-Amere Pistoles (Wafers)44 LB. CASE
B2C10064Barry Force Noire Pistoles (Wafers)44 LB. CASE
B2C10065Barry Force Noire Pistoles (wafers)11 LB. EACH
B2C10066Barry/VL Gourmet Choc. Chunks30 LB EACH
B2C10067Barry MYCRO Beurre Flakes (Powder)8/1.21 K CASE
B2C10068Barry Amer/Bitter Chocolate55 LB. CASE
B2C10069Barry Fleur-de-cao (70% cacao) DISC4/11# CASE
B2C10071Barry Fleur-de-cao (70% Cacao) DISC11 LB. BOX
B2C10072Barry Praline Paste (Fav. Noisette)11 LB TUB
B2C10073Barry Noisette Piemonte11 LB TUB
B2C10074Barry Krem D'Arome Cocoa Flavor paste5 KILO TUB
B2C10076Feuilletine (crushed cookie)5.5 LB EACH
B2C10077Barry Milk Chocolate "Lactee"/Pistoles11 LB. EACH
B2C10078Barry Milk Chocolate "Lactee"/Pistoles4/11LB CASE
B2C10079Barry Praline Noisette (Chopped Hazelnut1 KILO EACH
B2C10080Barry Brillance Noire(Chocolate Glaze)2 KILO EACH
B2C10081Barry Glace Fondant2 KILO EACH
B2C10084Barry Cafe Chocolate Favorite5.5 LB SLAB
B2C10085Barry/Van Leer White Chunk Chocolate30 LB CASE
B2C10087Barry/NOEL Cocoa Nibs1.65 LB EACH
B2C10089Barry St. Domingue 70% Dark ORIGIN4/5 KG CASE
B2C10090Barry Café Vermicelli1 KILO BAG
B2C10091Barry Tanzanie 75% Dark ORIGIN4/5 KILO CASE
B2C10094Barry Decor WHITE Molding Chocolate5.5 LB EACH
B2C10095Barry Decor DARK Molding Chocolate5.5 LB EACH
B2C10096Barry Amer. Pistoles, 60%44 LB. CASE
B2C10098Barry/Renny White SUGAR FREE Chocolate50 LB. CASE
B2C10100BARRY Dark Chocolate Blossoms (EC006016)12 KG. CASE
B2C10102Chocolate Masters Duo Multi Chocolate Blossoms4 KILO BOX
B2C10106Barry Lactee SUPERIOR 38 Pistoles4/11 LB CASE
B2C10107Barry Ultimate White Chocolate Chips, 1000 count30 LB CASE
B2C10108Barry Ultimate White Chocolate Chips, 4000 count30 LB CASE
B2C13018Barry Chocolate Milk Chunks45 LB CASE
B2C13059Barry 1000 count MILK Chocolate Drop50 LB CASE

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