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Cups, Truffles and Shavings

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
B7C13001Dark Chocolate Praline cups630 BOX
B7C13002White Chocolate Floral Ala Mode Cups 7084 BOX
B7C13004Chocolate Floral Ala Mode Cups 70 mm84 BOX
B7C13006Chocolate Mini Souffle Cups200 BOX
B7C13007Chocolate Souffle Cups (Straight Sided)84 BOX
B7C13008Dark Chocolate Mini Cup210 CT BOX
B7C13009Chocolate Truffle Shells(Dark)504 BOX
B7C13010Chocolate Truffle Shells (Milk)504 BOX
B7C13011Chocolate Truffle Shells ( White )504 BOX
B7C13012White Chocolate Dobla Mini Cups210 CASE
B7C13014Chocolate Liquor Cups Dark (W/LINERS)480 BOX
B7C13015Chocolate Liquor Cups Dark (NO LINERS)210 BOX
B7C13024Chocolate Heart Shells(Truffle Size)540 BOX
B7C13025Chocolate Mini Square Cups (2" Sq.)192 BOX
B7C13050 PA-2722 Assorted Mini Chocolate Cups168 BOX
B7C13051Hauser White Choc. Mini Souffle Cup200 BOX
B7C13052Hauser White Chocolate Souffle Cups84 BOX
B7C13053Hauser Milk Choc. Mini Square Cups192 BOX
B7C13054Hauser Milk Choc. Mini Souffle Cups200 BOX
B7C13055White Chocolate Praline Cup630 BOX
B7C13056Hauser Large Round Shells, White 35MM288 CT BOX
B7C13057Hauser Large Round Shells, Milk 35MM288 CT
B7C13068Chocolate Deep Dish Dessert Cup72 CT. BOX
B7C13069Hauser Chocolate filled Truffle (European)63 CT. TRAY
B7C13070Chocolate Large Round Shells 35 mm288 CT BOX
B7C13071Chocolate (76mm) Heart Shells large84 BOX
B7C130724" Chocolate Cups-Pastry-1 (PA2725)42 CT. BOX
B7C13080Chocolate Square Praline Cup630 CT BOX
B7C13085HAUSER Dark Demi-Tasse Dessert Set144 CASE
B7C13090ML Pastel Petite Four PF-2N152 CT CASE
B7C13091Dobla Assorted Chocolate Cups #96110 (Petit Fours)168 CASE
B7C13092ML Pastel Tulip Medium PT-1N42 CT. CASE
B7C13094ML Swan Tulip Marbled ST-1N42 CT. CASE
B7C13095Mona Lisa CL-1 Chocolate Clover Cup *NEW PACK SIZE*45 CT. CASE
B7C13097ML 3" Medium Tulip Cup, TU-136 CT CASE
B7C13099ML Tuxedo Tulips, TUX-136 CT. CASE
B7C13122Victoria Style Chocolate Cup182 CT CASE
B7C13131Marie Charlotte Cups135 CASE
B7C13139ML Dark Daisy Cup QD-19N(Fluted Mini Cup)144 CASE
B7C13150HAUSER Champagne Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13151HAUSER Dark Chocolate Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13152HAUSER Hazelnut Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13153HAUSER Caramel Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13154HAUSER Raspberry Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13155HAUSER Almond Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13156HAUSER White Butter Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13157HAUSER Grand Marnier Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13159HAUSER Coconut Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13160HAUSER Dark Coconut Cluster48 TRAY
B7C13161HAUSER Dark Almond Rocher48 TRAY
B7C13162HAUSER Dark Caramel Squares63 TRAY
B7C13163HAUSER Milk Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13164HAUSER Milk Caramel Squares63 TRAY
B7C13165HAUSER Milk Caramel/Hazelnut Heart54 TRAY
B7C13166HAUSER Mocha Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13167HAUSER Rum Truffle63 TRAY
B7C13168HAUSER Dark Cherry Cordial63 TRAY
B7C13169HAUSER Dark Hazelnut Praline Cup63 TRAY
B7C13170HAUSER White Almond Praline Cup63 TRAY
B7C13171HAUSER Bittersweet Truffle63 TRAY
B7C1320026 MM MINI Chocolate Truffle Shells (Dark)4/504 CASE
B7C1320126 MM MINI Chocolate Truffle Shells (Milk)4/504 CASE
B7C13202Chocolate Heart Shells (Truffle Size)4/540 CASE
B7C13203Chocolate (76mm) Heart Shells, Large4/84 CASE
B7C13204MASTER CASE Chocolate Souffle Cups4/84 CASE
B7C13205Dark Chocolate Praline Cups4/630 CASE
B7C13206Chocolate Deep Dish Dessert Cup4/72 CASE
B7C13208Chocolate Liqueur Cups Dark (No Liners)4/210 CASE
B7C13211Chocolate Floral Ala Mode Cups 704/84 CASE
B7C13212Chocolate Large Round Shells 35 MM4/288 CASE
B7C13213Chocolate Mini Souffle Cups4/200 CASE
B7C13214Hauser White Chocolate Souffle Cups4/84 CASE
B7C13215Hauser White Choc. Mini Souffle Cup4/200 CASE
B7C1321670MM White Chocolate Floral A la Mode Cups4/84 CASE
B7C1321726 MM MINI Chocolate Truffle Shells(White)4/504 CASE

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