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Chocolate Decorations and Shavings

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
C8A10085Dark & White Crunchy Pearls (NOEL)1.76# EACH
C8C09073Chocolate Cigarettes (Dark 4")2 LB. BOX
C8C09128Dobla Diablo Triangle(#93245) TRAY
C8C09140DOBLA Diablo Square BOX
C8C09142Chocolate Fan 3 inches (Decor)240 CT. CASE
C8C09143Chocolate Filigran (decor)500 BOX
C8C09145DOBLA Chocolate Pointes850 G. BOX
C8C09147Blizzard White Choc Triangle w/choc Dst200 CT
C8C09148Typhoon Lg White Triangle w/open oval90 CT. TRAY
C8C09150Blizzard Red/White Triangle280 CT TRAY
C8C09151DOBLA #92182 Duo Roses (Chocolate Decorations)14 OZ. BOX
C8C09152DOBLA #73182 White Roses (Chocolate Decorations)14 OZ. BOX
C8C09153DOBLA Dark Exclusive (Chocolate Decorations)500 BOX
C8C09156DOBLA Pink Blossom Curls12 LB. CASE
C8C09164DOBLA Typhoon Decorations(93207)90 TRAY
C8C09167DOBLA Chocolate Coffee Cup CASE
C8C09168Yellow/Green/Pink Blossom Curls12 LB. CASE
C8C09169DOBLA Green Blossom Curls12 LB. CASE
C8C10003DOBLA Blossom Curls Marble12 LB. CASE
C8C13016MARBLE White and Dark Choc Shavings4 LB. CASE
C8C13021Mona Lisa DC-30 Ivory Décor Curls10 LB. CASE
C8C13026Mona Lisa DC-40 Dark Décor Curls10 LB. BOX
C8C13028Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Shavings4 LB. BOX
C8C13029Mona Lisa White Chocolate Shavings4 LB. BOX
C8C13079Marble Chocolate 8" Maxi Cigarettes (E006024).5KILO BOX
C8C13082Roland Dulce De Leche2/12.6 CASE
C8C13086Dark Chocolate Maxi Cigarette160 BOX
C8C13087White Chocolate Maxi Cigarette 8"1.75 LB. BOX
C8C13088Dark/White Choc Cigarette 4.2"1.39 LB. BOX
C8C130898" Panatella, Dark with Stripes110 TRAY
C8C130938" Panatella, White with Stripes110 TRAY

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