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Asian Foods

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
E1C20001Star Anise6 OZ. JAR
E1C20002Black Lumpfish Caviar12/12 CASE
E1C20006Red Lumpfish Caviar12/12 CASE
E1C20007Bamboo Shoots (Sliced)24/8 Z CASE
E1C20009Bamboo Shoots (sliced)6/10 CASE
E1C20012Water Chestnuts (Sliced)6/10 CASE
E1C20013Chinese Chili Oil12/6 Z CASE
E1C20014Hoisin Sauce6/5 LB CASE
E1C20015Plum Sauce6/5 LB CASE
E1C20016Oyster Sauce6/5 LB CASE
E1C20017Pickled Ginger12/16Z CASE
E1C20018Wasubi Horseradish (Japan)1 KILO EACH
E1C20019Kikkoman Soy Sauce(premium)4/GAL. CASE
E1C20020Baby Corn ( Japan)6/10 CASE
E1C20021Duck Sauce4/GAL. CASE
E1C20023Rice Flour (24 x 1# ) chinese24 LB. CASE
E1C20024LANCHI Chili Paste with Garlic12/8 Z CASE
E1C20026Black Bean Sauce6/5 LB CASE
E1C20027Nori Sheets (Cellophane packages)10/1 OZ EACH
E1C20028Soba Noodles (Buckwheat/Organic)30/12Z CASE
E1C20029Water Chestnuts (whole)24/8 Z CASE
E1C20030Water Chestnuts ( Sliced)24/8 Z CASE
E1C20031Tamari Soy Sauce (Japan)12/20 CASE
E1C20032Baby Corn (Small Cans)24/15 OZ CASE
E1C20033Thai-Fish Sauce ( Tiparus )12/24 CASE
E1C20034Chuka Soba Noodle12/6 CASE
E1C20036Rice Noodle Sticks30 LB. CASE
E1C20037Asian Bean Thread Vermicelli55 LB. CASE
E1C20038Asian Bean Thread Vermicelli17.5 OZ. EACH
E1C20042Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce Glaze6/.5GL CASE
E1C20044Mirin Wine (6 x 60) Japan6/60 Z CASE
E1C20045Thai Coconut milk24/14 OZ CASE
E1C20046Chinese Shrimp Chips5 LB. TIN
E1C20047Oriental Curry Paste (red/yellow)24/6.8 CASE
E1C20048Sweet Thai Chicken Sauce12/32 OZ CASE
E1C20049Japanese Udon Noodles25 LB. CASE
E1C20050Jasmine Rice20 LB. BAG
E1C20051Sambal Oelek(Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce)4 GAL CASE
E1C20052Japanese Somen Noodles25 LB. CASE
E1C20053Sriracha Hot Sauce12/28 CASE
E1C20054LARGE CANS -- Coconut Milk6/10 CASE
E1C20055Plum Sauce5 LB. CAN
E1C20056Oyster Sauce5 LB. CAN
E1P30021Kumquats (Heavy Syrup)24/10 CASE

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