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ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
N3A10002Almond Flour (Blue Diamond)25 LB. CASE
N3A10004American Almond Paste#10 CAN
N3A10006American Almond Paste6/10 CASE
N3A10013Praline Paste (American Almond)#10 CAN
N3A10032Hazelnuts, Chopped (no sugar)2 KILO EACH
N3A10033Crocant (Hazelnuts w/sugar)4 KILO EACH
N3A10036Filbert Flour25 LB. CASE
N3A10080Pistachio Flour25 LB. CASE
N3C09059Almond Paste Corato(Marzipan Decorating)5 KILO CASE
N3C09060Pure Pistachio Paste(33% sugar)(American Almond)11 OZ CAN
N3C09063Patisfrance Praline (Hazelnut)11 LB. TUB
N3C09067American Pistachio Paste7 LB CAN
N3C09155Pastry 1 Catania Almond Paste 50%13.2# CASE
N3N30001Unsalted Peanuts (Bulk Pack) (USA)30 LB CASE
N3N30002Pepita Pumpkin Seeds5 LB. EACH
N3N30004Pralicrac (Crunchy Praline,Cream,and Waf3.3 LB EACH
N3N30005Pignoli Nuts5 LB. EACH
N3N30006Pignoli Nuts (TIBETAN)27.5LB CASE
N3N30007Filberts ( Blanched Turkish)55 LB. CASE
N3N30008Hazelnuts (Blanched Turkish)5 LB. EACH
N3N30010Cashews (WHOLE No Salt)5 LB. BAG
N3N30012Pecans (Broken Pieces)30 LB. CASE
N3N30013Pecan Fancy Halves30 LB. CASE
N3N30014Whole Almonds w/skin25 LB. CASE
N3N30015Pistachio Paste American Almond Brand1/10 EACH
N3N30016Sliced Almonds (Natural-Thick w/skin)25 LB. CASE
N3N30017Sliced Almonds (Blanched)25 LB. CASE
N3N30018Slivered Almonds25 LB. CASE
N3N30019California Pistachios w/out Shell25 LB. CASE
N3N30020Whole Blanched Almonds25 LB. CASE
N3N30021Walnuts FANCY LARGE HALVES & PCS piece25 LB. CASE
N3N30023Hawaian Macadamia Nuts25 LB. CASE
N3N30025Walnut Bits and Nuggets ces)30 LB. CASE
N3N30026Bazzini Roasted No/Salt Peanuts4 LB. EACH
N3N30029Fancy Mixed Nuts15 LB. CASE
N3N30030Calf. Pistachio with out shell5 LB. EACH
N3N30031Macadamia Nuts(Guatemala)5 LB BAG
N3N30033BAZZINI Roasted No/Salt Peanuts6/4 LB CASE
N3N30034BAZZINI Roasted SALTED Peanuts6/4 LB CASE
N3N30035Creamy Peanut Butter35 LB. TUB
N3N30040Sunflower Seeds25 LB. CASE
N3Z10033Macaroon Paste45 LB. PAIL

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