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Soup Bases

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
S3S10022Primarque Demi-Glaze PASTE(#511N-A)12/1 LB. CASE
S3S10023PRIMARQUE Veal Stock Base(#812-A)12/1# CASE
S3S10024Primarque Veal Stock Base1 LB. EACH
S3S30001Primarque Supreme Chicken Base w/Roast C1 LB. EACH
S3S30002Primarque Supreme Chicken Base w/Roast C12/1LB CASE
S3S30003Primarque Supreme Chicken Base (No MSG)1 LB. EACH
S3S30004Primarque Supreme Chicken Base (NoMSG)12/1LB CASE
S3S30005Primarque Supreme Chicken Base w/roast C6/5 LB CASE
S3S30006Primarque Supreme Chicken Base w/Roast C25 LB. TUB
S3S30007Primarque Supreme Beef Base w/Beef Extra1 LB. JAR
S3S30008Primarque Supreme Beef Base w/Beef Extra12/1LB CASE
S3S30009Primarque Supreme Beef Base(No MSG)1 LB. JAR
S3S30010Primarque Supreme Beef Base (No MSG)12/1LB CASE
S3S30011Primarque Supreme Beef Base w/Beef Extra6/5 LB CASE
S3S30012Primarque Supreme Beef Base w/beef extra25 LB. TUB
S3S30014Primarque NATURAL Chicken Base(#206-SA)12/1# CASE
S3S30018Primarque Special Beef Base w/Beef Extra6/5 LB CASE
S3S30022Primarque Chicken Booster6/5 LB CASE
S3S30024Primarque Chicken Booster25 LB. TUB
S3S30029Primarque Beef Base (Granular Style )1 LB. EACH
S3S30030Primarque Beef Base (Granular Style )12/1LB CASE
S3S30034Primarque Beef Base (Granular Style )25 LB. TUB
S3S30035Primarque Chicken Potage Granulated Boui1 LB. JAR
S3S30036Primarque Chicken Potage Granulated Boui12/1LB CASE
S3S30040Primarque Clam Base (No MSG )1 LB. JAR
S3S30041Primarque Clam Base1 LB. JAR
S3S30042Primarque Clam Base12/1LB CASE
S3S30043Primarque Clam Base (No MSG)12/1LB CASE
S3S30044Primarque Clam Base 50-50 No MSG30 LB. TUB
S3S30045Primarque Lobster Base1 LB. JAR
S3S30046Primarque Lobster Base12/1LB CASE
S3S30047Primarque NATURAL Ham Base1 LB. JAR
S3S30048Primarque Supreme Chicken Base (NO-MSG)25 LB. TUB
S3S30050Ham Style Base, No MSG added25 LB. TUB
S3S30052Vegetable Soup Base, LITE12/1# CASE
S3S30054Primarque Turkey Base25 LB. TUB
S3S30056Primarque Turkey Base, NO MSG12/1 LB CASE
S3S30057Primarque (GRANULAR STYLE) Vegetable Bas8 OZ. JAR
S3S30058Primarque (GRANULAR STYLE) Vegetable Bas12/8 Z CASE
S3S30059Primarque Mushroom Base (No MSG)1 LB. EACH
S3S30060Primarque Mushroom Base (No Msg)12/1LB CASE
S3S30061Vegetarian Soup Base, LITE35 LB. TUB
S3S30062Primarque Supreme Beef Base (No MSG)25 LB. TUB
S3S30063New England Style Fish Stock Base (NO MSG)12/1LB CASE
S3S30066Vegetable Soup Base Paste25 LB. TUB
S3S30068Primarque NO MSG Lobster Base12/1 LB. CASE
S3S30069Onion Soup Mix6/3 LB CASE
S3S30070Low Sodium No Msg Chicken Base50 LB. TUB
S3S30071Vegetable Soup Base Paste12/1LB CASE
S3S30072Low Sodium No MSG Beef Base12/1LB CASE
S3S30073NATURAL Beef Base12/1# CASE
S3S30074Primarque Granular Vegetable Base35 LB. TUB
S3S30076Premium Au Jus Base12/1# CASE
S3S30078Primarque Ancho Pepper Concentrate12/1LB CASE
S3S30079Organic Vegatable Base50 LB. TUB
S3S30080Primarque Chipolte Pepper Concentra12/1 # CASE
S3S30081Primarque Chicken Base (No MSG)45 LB. TUB
S3S30082Primarque Fish Base (No MSG added)50 LB. TUB
S3S30083Primarque Clam Concentrate (No MSG)50 LB. TUB
S3S30084Primarque Lobster Base50 LB. TUB
S3S30085Primarque Supreme Beef Base-No MSG50 LB. TUB
S3S30086Crab Base, No MSG added50 LB. TUB
S3S30088Primarque Chipolte Pepper Base NO MSG(278-M)50 LB TUB
S3S30089Chicken Base with ORGANIC Chicken Meat25 LB. TUB
S3S30091Crab Base, NO MSG added12/1# CASE
S3S30092Shrimp Base, No MSG added1 LB. EACH
S3S30093Shrimp Base, NO MSG added12/1# CASE
S3S30095ST. OURS Clam Broth Powder (8/10 gallon) (Four in a case)1.5 LB. TUB
S3S30096VEGAN Natural Vegetable Paste (#839N-D)25 LB. TUB
S3S30097VEGAN Natural Mushroom Base (#872N-D)25 LB. TUB
S3S30098Seafood Base, No MSG added50 LB. TUB
S3S30100VEGAN Natural Vegetable Paste (#839N-D)1 LB. EACH
S3S30101VEGAN Natural Vegetable Paste12/1# CASE
S3S30102Primarque Seafood Base1 LB. EACH
S3S40023Primarque Turkey Base (NO MSG)45 LB. TUB
S3S40026Natural Salmon Base50 LB. TUB
S3S50037Primarque Fish Base (No MSG)50 LB. TUB
S3S75040Primarque Natural Vegetable Base Low Sodium12/1 LB CASE
S3S75042Primarque Chicken Base Low Sodium12/1 LB. CASE

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