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Hero Products

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
H10H10102Hero Raspberry Compound2 LB EACH
H10H10104Hero Orange Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10105Hero Pineapple Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10106Hero Strawberry Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10108Hero Lemon Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10110Hero Pistachio Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10112Hero Mango Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10114Hero Mocha Gusta Ricco Comp2 LB. EACH
H10H10116Hero Passion Fruit Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10118Hero Apricot Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10120Hero Banana Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10122Hero Peach Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10124Hero Rum Compound2 LB. EACH
H10H10130Hero Swiss Seedless Raspberry Jam27.5 # TUB
H10H10131Hero Raspberry Jam with Seeds27.5 # TUB
H10H10134Hero Lemon Bakedproof Marmalade de27.5 # TUB
H10H10136Hero Orange Bakedproof Marmalade27.5# TUB
H10H10150Hero Apricot Glaze27.5# TUB
H10H10152Hero Clear Firm Gel27.5# TUB
H10H10154Hero Apricot Marmalade27.5# TUB
H10H10155Hero Orange Bakedproof Marmalade27.5# TUB
H10H10156Hero Strawberry Marmalade27.5# TUB
H10H10157Hero Strawberry Glaze27.5# TUB
H10H10160Hero Individual Apricot Preserves1 oz GLASS
H10H10161Hero Individual Raspberry Preserves1 oz GLASS
H10H10162Hero Individual Strawberry Preserve1 oz GLASS
H10H10163Hero Individual Orange Preserves1 oz GLASS
H10H10164Hero Individual Honey1 oz GLASS
H10H10165Hero Individual Grape Jelly1 oz GLASS
H10H10166Hero Individual Black Cherry Jam1 oz GLASS

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