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Hero Products

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
H9H10002Hero Raspberry Compound38.8Z EACH
H9H10004Hero Orange Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10005Hero Pineapple Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10006Hero Strawberry Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10008Hero Lemon Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10010Hero Pistachio Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10012Hero Mango Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10016Hero Passion Fruit Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10018Hero Apricot Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10020Hero Banana Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10022Hero Peach Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10024Hero Rum Compound 38.8Z EACH
H9H10025Hero Black Currant38.8Z EACH
H9H10026Swiss Chalet White Choc Mousse12 LB. CASE
H9H10050FELCHIN Mocha Gusta Ricco Compound6 KILO TUB
H9J10030HERO Swiss Seedless Raspberry Jam27.5 LB TUB
H9J10033HERO Strawberry Glaze27.5 LB TUB
H9J10034HERO Lemon Bakedproof Marmalade27.5 LB TUB
H9J10036 HERO Orange Bakedproof Marmalade27.5 LB TUB
H9J10040HERO Raspberry Jam WITH SEEDS12.5 K TUB
H9J10045Individual Honey Glass Pack144/1Z CASE
H9J10049HERO Strawberry Marmalade27.5 LB TUB
H9J10050HERO Apricot Gel Firm27.5 LB TUB
H9J10051HERO Mirror Glaze5 KILO TUB
H9J10052HERO Clear Firm Gel27.5 LB TUB
H9J10053HERO Apricot Glaze27.5 LB TUB
H9J10054HERO Apricot Marmalade27.5 LB TUB
H9J10059HERO Individual Black Cherry Jam144/1Z CASE
H9J10060HERO Individual Apricot Preserves144/1Z CASE
H9J10061HERO Individual Raspberry Preserves144/1Z CASE
H9J10062HERO Individual Strawberry Preserves144/1Z CASE
H9J10063HERO: Individual Orange Marmalade144/1Z CASE
H9J10064HERO Individual Grape Jelly144/1Z CASE
H9J10081HERO FOIL PACK Individual Grape Preserves216 CASE
H9J10082HERO FOIL PACK Individual Raspberry Preserves216 CASE
H9J10083HERO FOIL PACK Individual Strawberry Preserves216 CASE
H9J10084HERO FOIL PACK Individual Orange Marmalade216 CASE
H9J10085HERO FOIL PACK Individual Honey216 CASE
H9J10086HERO FOIL PACK Individual Apricot Preserves216 CASE
H9J10087HERO FOIL PACK Individual Black Cherry Preserves216 CASE
H9J10091HERO Natural Raspberry Jam12.2 LB TUB
H9J10092HERO Natural Apricot Jam12.2 LB TUB
H9Z10031Pralinosa Hazelnut Cream, FIRM5 KG TUB

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