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Pre-Baked Pastry Products

ClassPart #DescriptionWeight
P1B10008Cannoli Shells Large144 CASE
P1B10009Cannoli Shells Small200 CASE
P1B10010Cannoli w/ chocolate cover200 CT CASE
P1C09053Large Baba's Savarin (PIDY)120 CASE
P1C09130Tartlett Shells 1.75 inch(Patisfrance)240 CASE
P1C09131Tartlett Shells 3.5 inch(Patisfrance)144 CASE
P1P10002Eclair Puff shell Small 2 3/8100 CASE
P1P10004Mini Bouches - 1"300 CASE
P1P10005Large Bouches(2.75 X 2.75)60 CASE
P1P10006Ragout Shells - canape cups 1"640 CASE
P1P10007MINI Baba's Savarin (Patisfrance)120 CASE
P1P10016PIDY 4" Chocolate Tulipe72 CASE
P1P10017PIDY 5" Large Cream Horns80 CASE
P1P10018Mini Sugared Cream Horn144 CASE
P1P10019Tartlett Shells 9" inch )08 CASE
P1P10021Patis France Sweet dough 4 3/8" tart She96 CASE
P1P10023Neutral dough 4"Barquettes (Pidy)120 CASE
P1P10026PatisFrance Unsweetened 1 3/4" Tart Shel240 CASE
P1P10027HAFNER Mini Square Tart Shells #TN-02 (1.5" X 1.5")378 CASE
P1P10028HAFNER Mini Boat Shells #TN-03 (2.5" X 1.0")378 CASE
P1P10029HAFNER Phyllo Dough Cup 1.75"360 CASE
P1P10030Pidy 2.75" Mini Fish Patty Shell480 CASE
P1P10032Cream Puff Shell (Small 1 3/4)100 CASE
P1P10034PIDY 2.75" Puff Pastry Tartlet 180 ct180 CASE
P1P10035Large Cream Puffs (3.5")80 CASE
P1P10036Pidy 063 Round Shell 315:70:280280 CASE
P1P10037PIDY 2.5" x1" Mini Barquette (Neut)280 CASE
P1P10038HARNER Neutral Round Tart Shells 1.5" TN-01378 CASE
P1P10039PIDY Brandy Snap Twille (Tulip) 3.5"90 CASE
P1P10040PIDY Tart Shells-Neutral 3.0" (Fluted, Round)120 CASE
P1P10042Pruve Pink Bavarois Shell 3"60 CASE
P1P10044Pruve Chocolate Bavarois Shell 3"60 CASE
P1P10047Confiletas Sweet Tart Shell, 1.77"350 CASE
P1P10048Tartan Brand Tart Shell, 1 3/4" Sweet350 CASE
P1P10049PIDY Mini Ice Cream Cones, Neutral308 CASE
P1P10050PIDY Amusette Spoon-Shaped Tart Shells192 CASE
P1P10051PIDY Mini Ice Cream Cones, SWEET228 CASE
P1P10052PIDY Chocolate Shell 1.75" (Fluted, round)192 CASE
P1P10053PIDY 4" Chocolate Tart Shell64 CT. CASE
P1P10059Pre-Baked Genoise Sheets12 CASE

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